Friday, December 28, 2012

Pictures of Foods I Eat

I thought you might enjoy some pics of foods I eat on a daily basis.

I go to NutriSport or NutriStop for my protein. I like this protein because it is high in protein, has no carbs and no fat. It's perfect for  pre or post workouts. 

Add it with a banana or other carb and you have yourself a good balance around workout time. I have been told NOT to eat fat before or after a workout. Save your good fats if you can for another meal. Your body needs protein and carbs, because it's the best energy to be utilized for muscle growth. 

I always get the vanilla protein. I don't like chocolate or chocolate chip or berry flavored protein powders. Since  I don't eat much, I am picky about what I eat, because I like to maximize feeling content with the flavor if that is all I'm going to eat.

You can see on the left corner that these rice cakes or gluten free and vegan. They are very hearty in taste with a slight flavoring of salt. I love salt. I salt everything. Yes, we've been inundated by media and health professionals to limit the salt, but I figure if that's the worst I do in my diet, I'm doing okay. Just to give you an idea of my love for salt, I will salt the outside of a hardboiled egg, then resalt every time I take another bite. Love it! mmmmm

I suppose that is why I love eating salsa right from the container, and marinades on my chicken. The only thing I rarely rarely eat is salted nuts. That's a no no for me. Salted nuts have more than just salt on them, and for whatever reason, they always make me crave other things as well. So, I always have raw nuts when I eat them. 

I pick up a 16 pack from Costco of this yogurt. It's greek and non-fat. It has a little yum to it because there are strawberry, blueberry, and peach in the pack. I keep thinking I'm going to go back to vanilla or try to convince my taste buds to eat the plain, but I just can't see the difference between eating plain yogurt and cardboard. So, I haven't made that change yet.  I will usually eat this by itself, or if I need a little protein I will eat a hardboiled egg or have a few walnuts if needing fat, or some turkey or chicken cold cuts if in a hurry. Nitrites from the turkey or chicken cold cut packs are not good for me either, but seriously, I'm picking my battles. 

The last item I'll post today is my extra large sippy cup from Starbucks. I carry this thing everywhere I go and drink 5-6 per day. It goes to the movies, to Target, to the bathroom, and to bed with me. I've been told by a Dr. of Naturopath that it's a good idea to drink one full glass of water prior to bed and upon waking up to aid your organs in better functioning. So, that's what I do, in addition to all the rest of my water consumption. 

I have usually finished 2 of these prior to 9am. 

Me working out this morning at 6:30 in the freezing temperatures of Southern California!

Get used to the fuzzy pics I take, since I'm the only one around to take them. Can you see the exercise ball underneath my back?

I did 4 sets of 25 sit ups on the ball this morning. If you move the ball closer to your tush, then the sit ups get harder. Good workout this morning, but frustrating when I washed my bra last night and forgot to take it out of the washing machine to dry. So, downstairs I travel at 6:15 to take the bra out of the washing machine and put it on wet. Nice!

I had to layer my clothes, still wearing the beanie cap, and wearing running gloves to keep the cold from chilling my body.

30minute cardio running
4 sets ball assisted sit ups
4 sets deadlifts with weights
4 sets of hamstring curls with weights
4 sets of alternating stationary lunges (20 each side every time)

What I ate yesterday
protein powder, banana, peanut butter morning smoothie
hardboiled eggs
rice cakes
(to be truthful I didn't have a dinner last night. My friends and I went to the movies and it was so late by the time I got home that I didn't eat).

So, today, I did a small make up of yesterday's minimal calorie intake. for lunch I ate two hardboiled eggs, one yogurt, and 10 cashews with salt (that broke my rule of salted nuts). However, I feel better, and not likely to eat too much later today, because I ate substantially for my lunch). 

This is another "be aware moment" to be on the look out for in your meal success. If you don't take in enough calories or carb or fat or protein, your body is going to let you know, by getting back at you. So, before it gets back at you, you need to nip it in the butt' and eat some solid things during the make up for a deficiency. Don't do it late in the day....big no no. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk about a new and exciting and crazy exercise I'm going to add into my program. Do you remember when I said I was thinking about stepping up my program in January? Well, I think I figured out a solution.

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