Sunday, December 16, 2012


A while back I said that I only do cardio for 30 minutes. Actually, what happens is that I plan on a 30 minute cardio run, but if the music I'm listening to doesn't stop when the 30 minutes appears on the treadmill, I continue until the song is over!

I' guess this will give you a good sense of my personality. Exactness on certain things is very comforting and satisfying to me. It makes me happy to see things work out just so. Or, if I can make them work out just so, that's great too. 

I'm the same way when it comes to making my bed, placing things in the refrigerator, and retrieving stuff from an organized cabinet. It's peace of mind when I go into a place that is set up so that it is pleasing to the eye and makes utilizing the space easier. 

While perfection of function or utility or design is always the goal, I always know some things are not able to be perfected.  I like the process of trying to get there physically, but I don't get completely discouraged if I am not able to achieve the ideal. That would be unrealistic. Stretch marks from delivering two children and gravity taking a tole on my body without surgery to compensate for natural occurrences would be completely devastating..but they're not. 

In that odd way, I don't mind getting older, having wrinkles, or showing the signs of time. What I like, is just getting more experience, more knowledge, and more ideas as I age. It makes me happy to challenge myself and not be afraid of taking opportunities or chances even when I don't know the outcome. 

I think I totally went on a tangent with this blog, but oh well. 

Back to the treadmill......

I never stop short of 30 minutes, but to go over if there is time or to some good tunes is always worth it!

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