Sunday, December 2, 2012

Private Thoughts

I will admit that new month's get to me, too. I'm already starting to project and wonder what kind of muscle I can put on this month. It's frustrating not knowing. I guess it's part of the fun and the craziness of the whole thing. 

I started to think about being 44 today. Each year my skin gets thinner and less elastic. My next thought was thinking about how important my focus needs to be on increasing the weights on the exercises I do. Pushing with more intensity is key to be able to sculpt the body. 

I anticipate that this month will be good, but I think that in two months I will see a huge difference in muscle and tightness. That's a lot of time "to wait and see." 

So, if you find yourself thinking and worrying and wondering, you are not alone. It's truly all apart of the process of getting there. I  think that most people who compete or just want to get in shape have doubts, concerns, and frustration. The difference between the ones who achieve their goal will be solely about perseverance, consistency, and focus.

Today was a day of rest, which I desperately needed. My back was aching yesterday from the back workout I did a few days ago. I am much better this evening. 

What I ate today
Hot water with lemon x2 huge mugs
2 pieces of sliced roasted deli turkey
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
string beans
marinated chicken breast (1/3)
string beans again
salsa again
2 hardboiled eggs

my one day of rest :)

Each day is a day closer to the goal....

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