Monday, December 3, 2012

Workout Gloves

I love these gloves! Obviously they're from Nike -DriFit- and they are great! I've owned many pairs of workout gloves in the past, but these are the most flexible and don't bunch up on the inside of your hand when you are trying to grab the weight bar. They are easy to wash and dry quickly.  I bought them at a store called Lucy...which has workout clothes for women and casual sports clothes as well. 

These have a suede on the palm of the hand, but thin. I would not recommend the standard leather gloves in most stores. They are too bulky and I don't think they feel comfortable enough. 

I'm off to Washington D.C tomorrow, so I don't  anticipate posting for the next few days. If I get a chance, I definitely will let you know how the early morning workout schedule goes at the hotel, and how my eating goes.

Today's Food:
Hardboiled Eggs
peanut butter
brown rice cake
cold cuts (chicken)

30 minute run (intensity higher 4.4.)
4 sets ball assisted sit ups
4 sets hamstring curls
4 sets Smith Machine squats
4 sets deadlifts with weights on bar

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