Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kettlebell Workouts Rock!

I can't believe 5 days have gone by without a post. I'm sorry for those who are following. I've been completely on track with working out, nutrition, and focus...but just got busy. So I'm going to put out a few posts that I intended to do, to catch up on some backlogged thoughts.

Kettlebell Workouts  are an amazing workout if you haven't tried. There are so many positive features to this type of workout. First, if you are limited in space for a complete house gym or don't want the eye sore in your house or garage, try keeping a very small kettlebell in your house as a door stop. It's pleasant to look at, and is heavy enough to hold open the man-door, and it gives one of the most effective workouts ever. 

Kettlebells come in a variety of sizes (weight in Kg or lbs). I have chosen to get the Russian Kettlebell in Kg, purchased through by Paul Daniels (certified RKC trainer). 
Paul is amazing at teaching kettlebell if you happen to live in the vicinity of Rancho Santa Margarita, California. 

In addition, he has a variety of sizes of kettlebells for sale on his website.  You will be able to find kettlebells at large superstores and fitness stores, but be careful! Not all kettlebells are alike. The kettlebell I'm showing you here is forged from one piece of iron, and has a specific handle shape that conforms to the body when you lift it overhead. The last thing you want is a kettlebell that hits you in the wrong place on the back of the hand when you swing it overhead. Comfort is huge when it comes to swinging this 20+ lb of iron. 

As I learned from Paul Daniels, there have been kettlebells which are not made as well and have broken because it's not made out of one piece. While i'm sure that it doesn't happen often, it would be a huge safety issue if and when it occurred.
(10 lbs)
(14 lbs)
(18 lbs)
(12kg/26 lbs)
(16kg/35 lbs)
(16kg/35 lbs)
(20kg/44 lbs)
(24kg/53 lbs)
(28kg/62 lbs)
(32kg/70 lbs)
(36kg/79 lbs)
Once you get really good or comfortable with the weight you chose, you can add another kettlebell of the same size, and do double kettlebell swings and lifts, which increase your cardio rate and your conditioning level. The last few months prior to my first competition I used the kettlebell as my sole weight trainer. It gave me such a good workout that I stopped all weight machines and dumbbells. 

Initially, I bought a 12kg / 26 lb kettlebell. I'm going to borrow my friend's kettlebell for a little while,  then probably purchase a second one. You can do double swings, double lifts, double snatches, double high pulls, push ups (which I love to do on these), and on and on....

You can get a great workout in as little time as 30 minutes. So, if you are not one to want to workout  or feel it's a complete inconvenience to your daily routine, but know you have to do something, this is the perfect option.

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