Monday, December 24, 2012

Workout Clothes

Working out on an infrequent basis will not necessarily make a difference on the performance on workout clothing. However, if you workout consistently (5 + days a week), then I think that the clothing one wears makes a huge difference. 

I have tried different brands of clothing, from inexpensive to expensive, and unfortunately the more costly ones seem to hold up better. 

I love Nike Fit and Nike Dry. The long sleeve and the short sleeve shirts are comfortable, fit well, and are lighter weight than other brands I've tried, but not too thin. They breath well and do not hold the odor as much as others, even if you wash them frequently. 

This is my short sleeve Nike shirt. I've had it for at least 4 years. It wears and washes very well.

This is a close up of it. Yes, you will pay a lot of money, but if you keep it for as long as I do, it's worth the price tag.

They come in any color:)

I have posted these gloves before, which I love, also made by Nike Dry. It was so cold the day I took this picture, that I wanted to show you the running gloves I bought that I'm wearing under them. The second picture is without the weight training gloves on top of them. They wick away the perspiration and well worth the penny to have a pair of gloves that work for the specific purpose.

The shirt I'm wearing in this picture is also the Nike Fit, but in long sleeves. 

Sunday: No workout
Sunday: What I ate
Sunday we had one of our Christmas get togethers. NO, I did not eat what everybody else ate. It's just not possible when there is a goal and a plan in mind. 

Greek Yogurt with Fruit in the bottom
hardboiled eggs
cilantro, jalepeno, onion, garlic, tomatillo homemade dressing
Boiled organic skinless boneless chicken breast
chicken cold cuts
corn tortillas
peanut butter

An example of what I ate the day before for dinner
Tilapia with salt and pepper & spinach with garlic and lemon

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