Saturday, December 1, 2012

The House Doctor

In my opinion, the best doctor is you! 

How many times have I heard my doctor or my children's doctor rely on me for detailed information on what is the problem? And prior to the visit I've already done careful analysis of the problem and could therefore prescribe a solution. Sometimes the doctor's visit is a second opinion -the one after mine. She considers the the situation and does her own analysis, then prescribes what I already knew should be. 

Then again sometimes she is wrong.... and I've had to discontinue a treatment because of my intuition. (It's not to say that I'm always right...but I always think that self evaluation is best at first).

How does this relate to fitness? Hopefully it's obvious. 

Today, my back (trapezius area) was a little stiff/sore, most likely caused by the workout two days ago when I worked back muscles I hadn't worked in a long time. Intuition suggested that I move slowly when stretching and ease into any lifting or swinging...and as the muscles warm up I can push it a little, but not too much. In addition, my run started out slowly. I didn't know if my side was going to cramp or what, but I started cautiously. 

Why am I saying all this? 

Because I think that there are many bodily issues that can be resolved with fitness and nutrition. Diving into any program with full force is not what I would recommend if you are not fit mentally or physically. 

Today is December 1, a likely day that most people want to start a program. My advise is to use this date as a point of starting SOMETHING...cut out one thing from your diet that you can commit to for one week, or start walking, treading, or kettlebelling every other day. But whatever you do....just commit to the one week idea, so at the end of the week you can congratulate yourself on being consistent. Gradually you can delete something or add something each week to make your program work for you. 

I workout 6 days a week. But not everybody's body is going to feel good doing that. Don't tell yourself you're going to workout 4 days, if your body is feeling like it wants to workout more. Try to listen to your body tell you what it's feeling...but don't confuse that "feeling" with the mental anguish of not wanting to workout or do well nutritionally. There is a big difference between the body telling you it's tired and YOU copping out!

Another bad picture...that's fuzzy. It's the best I can do with the lighting and self portraiture. I'm using a piece of sit up equipment I've had for years, but love it. It takes the pressure off of my back and allows the abs to do all the work. It was an item purchased on the recommendation of a chiropractor....not for me, but for my mother in law years ago. 

Workout Today: 
30 minute jogging on treadmill
4 sets two arm kettlebell swings
4 sets one arm kettlebell swings alternating with shoulder presses
4 sets abs
4 sets tricep machine pushdowns 
4 sets kettlebell upright rows
4 sets kettlebell bicep curls

What I ate yesterday:
hardboiled eggs
corn tortillas
black beans
protein powder
peanut butter
Greek yogurt
(I didn't really eat any substantial green vegetables today I need to remember to add those back in)...

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