Saturday, December 22, 2012


are a modification of a standard workout where you would do a set of one exercise and then do a set (right afterwards) of another exercise. The two different exercises you choose are up to you. You can do opposing muscles like biceps and triceps to give each muscle group some time to rest in between, or you could superset the same muscle groups like upright rows (for deltoids) followed by dumbbell presses (also for deltoids) to exhaust the muscle. There are many combination names for types of supersets. The bottom line is that you can save time in your workout by completing more exercises in a shorter period of time, and increase the intensity placed on the muscle groups to work harder --so muscles can be stimulated to grow and prevent plateaus in your workout.

mean what the word says. Take a given exercise such as hamstring curls and do the number of reps you would normally do. Then without rest drop the weight a little and do another set, but to failure. Then, drop the weight again, and do your final set to failure. The idea is to stimulate the muscle and work it to failure. 

Supersets and dropsets can be a great way to change up your routine, save time exercising, and stimulate muscle growth.

Don't forget to have some carbs and protein within 30 minutes of your workout. Eliminate fat in your diet pre and post workouts. You want the body to use the protein and carbs to help build the muscle. 

Do you see the Nike symbol on my shirt? Tomorrow, I'll post about workout clothing and why I think certain clothing is better to workout in than others.

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