Monday, November 22, 2010

The Architect of Oneself

I came across an article I hadn't read yet, but the title captured my attention. It was in my favorite magazine, Oxygen, by Robert Kennedy. I really liked the idea of looking at oneself as the architect of one's body. With that image in mind, whether one is building a house or a new body, the process and components are essentially the same. Build a foundation on a strong solid core, use the right materials, give oneself enough time to do the job right, adapt to change, and step back to see what has been accomplished, and enjoy.

Right now I'm in the "give oneself enough time to do the job right" and "adapt to change" phases. It's been really tough physically and mentally to get back in the groove of moving towards the next competition. Today was another day of taking one minute, one moment, and one hour at a time. I made it through successfully, but I always have those moments of guilt for the days I just let "whatever happen" with my diet or exercise.

I'm leaving on vacation until Saturday evening, so I'm trying to plan how I will fit in exercise and not to just eat everything. Tomorrow will be another tough day of hanging in there. I figure I have 3 weeks to "hang in there" before I reach a point where it will start to get easier.

I ran on the treadmill tonight, did 4 sets of sit ups, and 4 sets of pull ups (only 2 for each set). My number is way down.

Tomorrow is Kettlebell!

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