Thursday, November 11, 2010

Listening to your body, following your gut

Okay, so I should give you the ins and outs of my 3 days off from eating clean and not exercising. Those 3 days were this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A week after the competition had passed and I was finally ready to just relax and do whatever. Since I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups & Butterfingers, and the girls had saved all of them for me from Trick-Or-Treating, I decided to dive in. I'm not just talking about one or two or a bite here or there. I totally ate all of them. I know there were at least 7 Reese's & at least that many of those little Butterfingers. They were so good. Oh yea...Friday night my husband and I went to a movie. I hadn't had popcorn for so many months, I decided to have a small bag while we were there. He didn't eat any, I ate it all! I not only have a sweet tooth, but I love buttered and salted popcorn. Of course I would have to be the type that loves all the fattening, unhealthy foods that make my body hate me.

Saturday night I think my body really hated me. I didn't sleep well, probably because of the spike in blood sugar, and I was a little too full from all the junk.

I remember thinking about the importance to not let this get totally out of hand or it would be hard to reign it back in. I reminded myself that I had only been really strict for 4 months and prior to that 1 year of trying to be consistent with exercise and clean eating. Overall, that time period is not a long time to completely have mastered consistency. So getting back on track quickly was a priority no matter how difficult or unwelcoming it would be. Monday I went to Kettlebell and had a good workout, but Tuesday (yesterday) was very difficult as I had previously written about. The horrible part was that my legs were itching during my run most likely because of all the toxins in my body from eating junk food. That is the price I paid! Was it worth it? Yes!!!! I needed to just fully let down. Moderation unfortunately was not my priority or in my ability at the time.

The positive side is that getting back on track with both this week has been relatively easy. I'm tired this week from doing so much on a day to day basis, but getting back into eating the typical foods I have felt good, felt familiar, and tasted good. I like the fact that it felt familiar and tasted good. Those are the two areas that are key to being consistent. Being able to return to something that is comfortable, but healthy is what makes consistency possible.

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