Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back from Vacation

                                          Thanksgiving in Santa Fe, New Mexico
I was hoping to go to kettlebell & blog before I took off for Thanksgiving vacation, but both didn't happen. I know you know how busy we parents get doing everything to get ready for a small vacation. Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, our family left for vacation. We returned Saturday evening. My older daughter got ill last night, so getting back into the swing of things has been way off. I'm glad I had a chance to get away for a few days, but being on vacation always gets me way off track from my normal routine and makes it hard to get back into my routine when I return home.

My husband is back downstairs in the home gym as I'm typing! Even though he has 4 competitions under his belt, he also confesses how difficult it is to get back into a routine again. He does the same thing, he just forces himself to do it. It really doesn't seem to matter how much practice one has had with nutrition or exercise or how long one has been doing it consistently, it is always a challenge when little life vacations interfere with  the normal routine. I will be back downstairs or at Kettlebell tomorrow, forcing myself until it gets easier again.

I think this time in between competitions is an incredible challenge and is so interesting, especially around the holidays. It's so much more difficult than I expected. I will look forward to sharing my daily struggles, what I've learned, and what went right or wrong for me.

I just went online to sign up for 3 months of unlimited kettlebell training with Paul Daniels at The Body Warehouse, and I just got off the telephone with a friend talking about the fact that I'm not the type of person to wait for the "right moment" to get back into my routine. That "moment" won't happen. It's one of those things where I just have to do what I know I need to do not what I want to do.

I don't believe in waiting for the right moment to happen. Enough experience has consistently demonstrated to me that the right moment always happens when I'm already doing the right thing and I just want to continue doing more of the right thing.

After blogging many months, I just happend to look at the "comments" tab. I thought the comments showed up in a different place, until I discovered them tonight. So sorry. To answer a few of them...

1. I use a whey protein, not a soy protein. I use Lean Complex 4, vanilla flavor is my favorite. I love the chocolate too. You can get this protein powder at NutriStop or Nutrishop. I go to the one near Ralphs on Santa Margarita Pkwy & Margarite.

2. I use Canola oil as a substitute for butter. But if I can get away with it, I use Coconut oil instead. Coconut oil, even though a saturated fat, actually has the ability to reduce body fat. When I'm in competition mode, I don't cook with oil unless absolutely necessary. Fish goes directly into the pan. I cover the pan to keep in the moisture, so that the bottom of the fish doesn't stick. I cook chicken and ground turkey the same way, without butter or oil.

3. I always use egg substitute or egg whites whenever I bake and whenever possible.
Now that I know where to look for comments, I will enjoy answering them more frequently. Thank YOU!

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