Saturday, November 20, 2010

Precious Friendships in Difficult Situations

Changing one's body can make a huge impact on a friendship. Sometimes the impact is positive and sometimes it is not. Many times and maybe over many years the friendship is not affected, but then there is that point when one changes themselves (body or otherwise) and then the effect becomes apparent. I couldn't say conclusively that ONLY changing one's physique is the sole cause of a distant friendship, because sometimes as in my case, I pulled away from some friends because I really wanted to make physical changes that I could not see were possible while still maintaining the same habits with those friends that I once did.

After a few months of blogging and expressing my sadness and relief to not participating in get-togethers that were accompanied by lots of processed or unhealthy foods with people I knew for many years, I had a wonderful experience of hearing from a friend who had been apart of that group.

She was so incredibly understanding, thoughtful, and insightful of the things she said to me privately. She completely understood my position and offered up an idea where we could do things that involved exercise or good nutrition. It's not to say that we could not enjoy a yummy now and then, but that the foundation of rekindling the relationship would be about "health". A few weeks ago we went for a walk together, and last night we went to see a movie unaccompanied by POPCORN.

I know the minute I walk into the theatre I always want a bag of popcorn. Even though I have competed and transformed my body, I am still drawn to certain yummies. I had brought a protein bar instead and it was very satisfying.

I think my experience confirmed that making a change to one's health takes priority over everything else, even when it hurts to let go or change. Sometimes, like in my experience, not just good things, but great things come from change and the chaotic turbulence that one does not WANT to experience in the moments of change can ultimately bring about changes that are better than you ever imagined.

This is the stuff that supports the statement "No Pain No Gain".
Today is day 6 of being on target for my next goal. Right now I'm just in the maintaining mode, but I still have to be as diligent in this process. Now is the time for me to be able to maintain my current weight, still enjoying yummies now and then, but not giving in to too much temptation.

As I said in blogs long ago, the goal of competing was only one part of a much larger system. To stay fit, balanced, and maintain my weight within 5 pounds is the current goal, until I am ready to reduce my weight for the next competition around March.
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