Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheat Meals and Cheat Days

Last year I was at (not in!) a bodybuilding competition in Culver City, California. During the pre-show I was sitting near the stage, with a couple sitting in front of me. I did not know them. One of the competitors came by to say hi to them. They hugged and chatted some. As the man was chatting with the competitor, the man wanted to know and asked him "how often do you cheat?" The competitor said, "I don't plan on cheat meals. I don't work hard all week to look forward to a cheat meal. If I planned on them I wouldn't focus on what I need to do". The conversation went something like that.

For me to hear the competitor speak so differently than what I usually hear people say in other public places was wonderful. I really thought about and never forgot his words. I liked them so much. I like the fact that the competitor didn't give much value to cheating.

I hear myself repeating and thinking about his words once in a while as I am on this 3 month journey (Now 2 1/2 months!). I have to say that I find myself thinking about what foods I will eat, what meals I want to make that are tasty and clean, and finding alternative coping skills to rely on if I feel week or emotional that day.

Here are some of my coping skills:
  1. Search through my cookbooks or the Internet or my favorite workout magazine for wonderful recipes. Some may have to be modified to fit my "clean" program.
  2. drink tea.
  3. read.
  4. play the piano.
  5. lay out in the sun while the kids play in the pool.
  6. be quiet.

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