Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeping on Track with or without your partner

Sorry I didn't blog last night. I went to a movie, and I was too tired to blog last night.

I was thinking about how some people find it difficult to keep on track with nutrition and exercise when the spouse does not show the same level of interest and motivation as oneself.

I have a different situation in my house, but I am wondering if the frustration day to day is similar. Right now, my husband is in a relaxed state, where he eats many foods that I will not eat, because I am trying to cut fat and build lean muscle. He can eat little treats once in a while, while I do not. He eats cheese, I do not.

For the past few months while he was trying to cut fat and gain muscle at the same time I had (and have) been, the regimented  and strict behaviors we both have had can be emotionally exhausting.

Likewise, some days I would be working out and he would not, and other days I would not and he would be, depending on who had which days off for rest and who did their workout at a different time of day.

So, I'm not entirely convinced that it is always easier when both spouses are on the same page. I like when we are on the same page, but ultimately I am still left with whatever emotional struggles I may have to maintain the consistency and discipline. Unfortunately I am the only one who can take responsibility for my behavior.

In addition, because I am the cook in the family, I make all the meals. While we all eat basically the same food in the house, the meals throughout the day vary from person to person. It's tough having to focus on my goal and also having to prepare everything in just the right way, depending on whether or not my husband is in competition mode or not. There always has to be a supply of the right types of food on hand in the refrigerator or it's easy to get off track.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Comments are always of interest.



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