Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kettlebell Tools

Yesterday I exercised with the Kettlebell. As I am learning and refining my skills I am seeing how effective this piece of equipment is for reshaping the body.  In weight training I do supersets and giant sets to push my muscles further and increase my endurance. In my favorite magazine, Oxygen, there is quite a bit written on incorporating giant sets, supersets, or compound moves to get the most out of your workout. With the kettlebell, supersets or compound movements are naturally apart of the process of swinging the kettlebell. You can add as many sets as you want before stopping for rest. I know for a fact that I am burning more calories in a short period of time than other cardio workouts.

Tonight, I will try to post a few pictures of my progress and give you some details on where I am in comparison to where I am going.

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