Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hectic Weekends

When I'm on a roll with my nutrition and exercise, there's nothing worse than being thrown off track by schedule changes.

Saturday my husband competed in a bodybuilding contest, so most of my thoughts and actions were consumed by getting the children ready, food prepared, making arrangements for this and that, putting tanning lotion on my husband before the pre-show, and trying to figure out when I would work out and how I would rearrange my eating schedule to accommodate the changes.

Saturdays I always work out at 830pm. At 10:15am I put tanning lotion on my husband, watched his pre-show, then drove back to the house with him after he presented. I ate in the car, then worked out when I got home. The timing was something like this: I worked out at 1pm. I ate my 3rd meal at 12pm, worked out at 1pm, then ate my 4th meal at 2:30pm. We went back to the show at 5pm for the final show and awards ceremony.

Sunday we had dinner with our relatives. Dinner was rescheduled for 6:30pm, an hour after I normally eat dinner. So, I fixed some dinner at home, ate in the car on the way to their house. I had two cups of tea while family ate. I didn't know how that would turn out, but it didn't seem to bother anybody. We were chatting and having fun, and the rest of my immediate family ate.

As time goes on and I get used to eating and working out more consistently without being disrupted by the changes in life that happen. I become less rigid, and more accepting and accommodating to change.
Here is a picture of my husband at his previous competition. Pictures from the recent competition aren't available yet.


Tomorrow I'll talk the relationship with my husband and keeping focused on my goal.

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