Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Food Logging

Over and over I read in my favorite magazine that logging what I eat is important. It's so laborious writing down everything I eat. I'll just eat well and rely on my judgment. Unfortunately, not writing down what I eat can be problematic. How many times does a little bit of this food or that food sneak into the daily caloric intake? Or how large was that portion in comparison to what it should have been, even if the food was nutritious and balanced? It's easy to do and easy to ignore those little yummies or increasing the portion size.

Here and there I've heard women say "I've tried everything and I can't lose weight", "I exercise and eat well and I still can't lose weight." I'm not convinced that these statements reflect the entire truth. If there is a medical condition then it may be true. If one is gaining muscle faster than losing fat then that also may be true. I think if all of us were to log EXACTLY what we ate for one month and not "cheat" on the diet log I think it would accurately reflect why the fat is or is not coming off. There is no way around it. Losing fat will require hard work.

The other day a woman said she eats 1200 calories most of the time and no more than 1500 calories, runs, and still can't lose the fat. She's been doing this program all summer, but can't seem to lose the weight. I said "wow...you mean you never have just a little bit or little something here and there that is not on your program?" Then she said, "well...I may have a few bites of this or that, and when we go out to eat I probably eat a little more than I should."  I think this example reflects what I have done in the past too. Not exactly telling the whole truth makes one feel better and less depressed about working hard most of the week while having those weak moments.

It's not that easy being accountable to oneself. When I work hard all week exercising and keep the diet in check, but then have a few off-meals during that week, why in the world should I expect my body to drop fat when I am not consistent? It's a hard reality to face up to what one is or is not doing.

In order for my body to drop the fat I must stay consistent and deal with the fact that EVERY DAY must be a good day of eating well, eating the right amounts, and exercising properly.

Action may not
always bring happiness,
but there is no happiness
without action.
-Benjamin Disraeli. English Statesman and Writer.


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