Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Fit is a Risk

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I think getting fit is a risk. The definition I'm using is when risk means the possibility of loss.

A little background information:
After having children most of my focus has been on taking them places, exposing them to a variety of activities, many times with parents who had children of the same age. My focus was not on staying fit or eating clean. It should have been, because I've always valued and tried staying fit and healthy.

My new lifestyle became providing snacks for a group of kids wherever we would meet that week or being provided for on other weeks, going out to eat for mommies nights out, going to in-home parties (such as Mary-Kay, Clothing by Cabi, Tupperware) where there were lots of munchies, birthday parties for adults and children with more occasions for munching, and on and on. While socializing with food is just a natural part of life, it seemed that this lifestyle was just over the top for my needs and comfort.

While there was always a part of me that was mindful about what I fed the children and what I ate, my body was not as fit or as disciplined as I wanted it to be. My lifestyle reflected what I was, not what I really wanted.

The risk that change brought:
A few years back I decided to change my behavior and actions. I chose not to go to as many in-home parties, opted out of mommies nights out when it was going to be at another restaurant, and opted out of play dates where more communal food was abundant. I didn't want to meet at places like Farrell's for an end of the year preschool party for 5 year old children, or participate in providing more junk food for parties at my other daughter's school, and on and on.

With that said, I sensed that many mommies were put off by my lack of involvement in one way or another. I remember a few evenings where I felt like I didn't have any friends. I thought to myself that maybe I didn't come across as "nice" enough or maybe I offend people. However, I also knew that change in my behavior would change the way things were. Isn't that what I was seeking? So here I was feeling lonely, while certain that this new lifestyle was better for me and my family. Yes, life was lonely for some time, but then things changed for the better.

As time went on, I met new friends, stayed in touch with some old friends, and found somewhere between it all a place where I was comfortable being fit and healthy and focused on the way I wanted to live.

Change was hard, change is hard, but with change my growth started.


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