Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Progress Report

I have approximately 3 months left to change this bod' into a shape that is pleasing to look at on stage. I am still headed in the right direction with my diet, kettlebell routine, and ancillary work on other cardio and weight bearing exercises. I am aiming for approximately 105-110lbs., but that will depend on how much muscle I gain. Ultimately I don't care about how much I weigh as long as my naked self continues to improve.

Here are my stats:
42 years old,
117.5 lbs.

Some of the progress I have made includes continuing to lose fat, gaining some noticeable changes in the arms, abs, and the legs look trimmer. I am still far from reaching my goal. It's a wonderful feeling to see even the slightest amount muscle starting to show, because it gives me hope and pushes me to do more. I have found that focusing on the incremental changes is far more important than waiting for the final outcome.

Some of the changes I have seen include being able to see just a little muscle or definition in my arms, being able to do a few pull-ups (which I hadn't been able to since I was a teenager), and to see some good abs in progress.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Paul Daniels for an intense kettlebell workout.

Where are you in your progress? what would you like to change or improve?
Feel free to contact me or ask questions.


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