Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eating Clean on Vacation

I hadn't blogged for the past few days, because I was on vacation. I left Monday afternoon and came back today, Wednesday. I took the girls to Indio ( near Palm Springs) with 4 other mommies and their children. Most of us doubled up in each suite. Prior to our trip there was some talk about buying and sharing food, but I opted out of sharing. It would be too difficult to stay focused on what I had and wanted to eat and what I wanted my children to eat, too. Even though they are not on as regimented meal plan as I am, I make sure that they eat quality protein (like fish), fats (like nuts and flax), and carbohydrates (like mango, broccoli, and whole wheat).

 I put a lot of planning into what I would bring, and then wrote a list of the items I needed from the grocery store. I was not only packing food for all of us, but I was packing food according to eating 5-6 meals per day for me and approximately the same for the kids. The great thing about eating clean is that it's pretty simple foods like carrots, broccoli, fish, extra lean ground turkey, bananas, mangos, protein powder. Some things I prepared ahead of time, such as the whole grain, apple, carrot, and raisin muffins I made for the kids, and 1/3 cup round turkey patties I had made a few nights before, and measured out how much protein powder I would need for the days I was gone.

The hours I eat are typically 8am, 1030am, 1pm, 3pm, 530pm and sometimes a 1/2 scoop protein at 930pm on workout days. Therefore, when I was driving I had to make sure that I had my meals prepared and ready to eat on the road as needed. When we arrived at our destination at 4pm, pretty much after checking in and getting situated I had to make dinner. We all had Steal Head Trout with lemon pepper and broccoli, but the girls also had refried black beans with jalepenos (from Trader Joe's).These black beans have an excellent nutritional profile. Then, we were off to the pool and lazy river at the hotel.

While you may feel overwhelmed by my packing and food needs and rituals, the end result was so rewarding. Not only was I able to stay on track with eating clean, but the girls and I had so much more time to focus on playing in the pool and goofing around for hours. I didn't have to worry about all the "rituals" associated with going to a restaurant or coordinating with my girlfriends who would make what or what time we would eat, since everybody showed up at the hotel at different times.

This vacation was awesome, because I had all the food we needed. I didn't have to fuss about who was going to eat what and when, and the initial hassle was really worth it.

Tomorrow, I'll give you an update on the vacation as it relates to finding time to exercise.

Let me know if there are any details you would like me to clarify or expand upon. There is really so much information I could share just on packing, preparing, and eating clean while on vacation.


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