Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation and Fitness

The most important part about trying to maintain this momentum on vacation was definitely making sure that I was eating correctly.

However, I know myself. Once I take a few days off from working out, then all of a sudden two days becomes 5 days, then 7, then two weeks! After a few weeks off, I'm scratching my head thinking how fast time went by, and how frustrated I am for wasting all the previous hard work I did. To top it off, it just becomes so hard to get back into the groove again.

This time, I decided that this vacation of having fun and getting away did not have to mean I should take leave of all my responsibilities. It didn't mean that I didn't have to be accountable to maintaining my healthy habits.

The day I left for vacation was Monday. I could have left early that morning, so that the girls and I could have had more time on the lazy river and the pool at the hotel. I decided that the girls should go to their gymnastic classes and I would take a Kettlebell class from Paul while they were in class. By 1:30pm all of us had worked out, and by 2:30 we were on the road to Indio. Now I only had to workout Tuesday evening for 35 minutes on the treadmill.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, had dinner, and settled in, the rest of the evening was spent in the pool. I think it worked out better, because the sun wasn't as hot, the pool was warm, and the girls didn't need any sunscreen.

Tuesday, we played all day. By the time I wanted to workout, the girls were tired, my roommate was back in the room to look after the girls, and I left for 35 minutes to the hotel gym at 830pm. In hindsight, I realize there is always a way to keep up the clean eating and workout schedule without compromising that feeling of being on "vacation."

It may seem complicated, but the fact is that as other vacations come up in the future, I can see that practicing these habits will eventually become routine and get easier.

Starting next Monday I'm going to start posting some pictures of me in make-up for the competition. You can check out which make overs you like better and let me know. While I am realistic and know that getting on stage may not be a possibility, I have to do everything that I can now to prepare for that day. Make-up, bathing suit, posing positions, facial expressions, and all the other things I need to do to make a good presentation. In time, I will blog all these different things.

Tomorrow, I will talk about taking risks. If there is a particular question or comment you have please feel free to ask.


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